The Galleon is a sailable ship in Sea of Thieves. It possesses three masts and is currently the largest ship in the game. While it cannot maneuver well like the smaller Sloop, the Galleon is unmatched in firepower and speed.

A harder ship to master, it is highly recommended that four players are working together, when sailing this ship, as operating it's sails and anchor take much more time than that on the Sloop.

This vessel is tough and extremly powerful, with its 4 broadside cannons making it dangerous to sail alongside.


  • Aim the cannons towards the lower deck of a enemy galleon, below the water line, that way the ship begins flooding. Shooting above it will do less damage to the galleon.
  • Avoid using the lanterns when your crew has sighted other ships, your large size can be easily seen from far distances.
  • Plan ahead as the time it takes to adjust sails and anchor is longer than that of a sloop.
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