Gold Horders is one of the Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. They reside in Outposts as shopkeepers and provide players with voyages that center on using X-marks maps or riddles to uncover Chests on the various islands. They may also provide Quests for Gold Quests. Additional items can be purchased from them once players have unlocked the required promotions.


"Your Success Brings Us Fortune."

Items to be Sold

Normal Chests

Shipwrecked Chests

Cursed Chests

Stronghold Treasure

Legendary Chests



Promotion level Price (Gold)
Gold Picaroon 5 100
Gold Bucko 10 200
Gold Swabbie 15 300
Gold Hauler 20 400
Gold Buccaneer 25 500
Gold Seadog 30 600
Gold Magnate 35 700
Gold Captain 40 800
Gold Sovereign 45 900
Master Gold Hoarder 50 1000


  • Golden Voyager
  • Keeper of a Glittering Hoard
  • Sailor of the Gold Horizon
  • Seeker of Lost Maps
  • Hoarder of the Castaway's Gold
  • Hoarder of the Seafarer's Gold
  • Hoarder of the Marauder's Gold
  • Hoarder of Captain's Gold
  • Hoarder of Grog Soaked Gold
  • Hoarder of Treasured Tears
  • Hoarder of Barnacled Gold
  • Hoarder of Lost Artifacts



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