The Mermaids or Merfolk are Creatures in the Sea of Thieves universe. Found in the Sea, Mermaids appear when players venture too far from their Ships.


Approaching the Mermaid will result in the player being "rescued" and returned back to their ship. If your ship has been fully sunk, interacting with the Mermaid will teleport you to a nearby outpost, a spawn you a new ship. They hold up a flare to allow players to see them from a distance, making it easy to spot them.


  • When teleporting with a Mermaid, you will always encounter a loading screen regardless of distance.
  • Mermaids are invulnerable and will clip through ships and objects.
  • Mermaids swim back to the depths of the ocean after you travel a certain distance from them.
  • As of patch 1.02 you can no longer use the mermaid when holding treasure, this was due to players complaining about losing treasure when teleporting.
  • Mermaids come in different appearances, some with facial hair, with eye patches and more variants.
  • In the book "Tales From the Sea of Thieves" a poem regarding the Merfolk suggests that not all Merfolk in the world of Sea of Thieves are 'good.' The poem describes how "If it's you they've chosen, they'll surround you with their kin. Your legs are bound and frozen in a wrap of silver skin." possibly describing how some of the Merfolk are created.
  • It is also pointed out that when one of the Merfolk in the book sees a pirate going for shipwrecked treasure he "looked instantly furious about the sight of the chest."


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