Order of Souls is one of the Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. They reside in Outposts as shopkeepers and provide players with voyages that focus on finding the grave sites of long-dead pirate crews and engaging the Skeletons in melee combat with the aim of recovering their skulls. The skulls are then carried to the ship and held in cargo in the same way a chest would be.


Skulls can also be randomly found in sunken shipwrecks and on islands. Players can earn access to additional equipment by unlocking and participating in special promotions. Promotions can be purchased every five levels. After unlocking, items will still need to be purchased with gold.

Why do the Order of Souls want skulls? Why, to read the minds of their original owners of course. It's the only way to unlock the locations of hidden treasures and secrets hidden within.


"Omnes in servitium animarum." 

Items to be Sold


Promotion level Price (Gold)
Mystic Follower 5 100
Mystic Associate 10 200
Mystic Apprentice 15 300
Mystic Acolyte 20 400
Mystic Mercenary 25 500
Mystic Hunter 30 600
Mystic Chief 35 700
Mystic Captain 40 800
Mystic Grandee 45 900
Master of the Order 50 1000


  • Voyager of Lost Souls
  • Mercenary of the Ancient Order
  • Sailor of the Whispering Bones
  • Seeker of Lost Souls
  • Hunter of Foul Skulls
  • Hunter of Disgraced Skulls
  • Hunter of Hateful Skulls
  • Hunter of Villainous Skulls
  • Hunter of Cursed Crews
  • Hunter of Cursed Captains
  • Raider of Cursed Strongholds
  • Hunter of Fort Skulls



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