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Pirate Legend is a Title that can be earned in Sea of Thieves. It is acquired by earning a Reputation level of 50 with all three Trading Companies.

Earning Pirate Legend status will give players access to the Tavern of Legends, hidden to all without access. This hideout features an array of NPC's and a tavern, located in the shipwreck of the Athena's Fortune that is inside a cave hidden by a waterfall. Inside the tavern is the ghostly crew of the Athena's Fortune who will give players hints on what is still to come.

The Pirate Lord, who will give players access to Legendary Voyages, will also be available to Pirate Legends. These are considered to be the most challenging and rewarding voyages currently in the game. As other Voyages, players can share the voyage with their team, even if they don't have the Pirate Legend status. Pirate Legend access is the current 'endgame' but developers have stated that there is more to come beyond that, and that eventually the Hideout will become the player's new default base for new content.

Access to the Tavern of Legends can be found on any Outpost. Upon entering the tavern and moving to the largest open area towards the back, playing an instrument will reveal a glowing symbol in the floor that opens up a staircase, leading to the coveted Tavern.


  • The first player to achieve the rank of Pirate Legend was Twitch streamer Prod1gyX. Although his achievement of this rank is quite controversial amongst the Sea of Thieves community, as he boosted on stream the vast majority of the time to get to this rank, he has also faced controversy when he was unnecessarily rude to others in the game, breaking the Pirate Code.
  • The first player to reach Pirate Legend without boosting, and the community recognized true first legend, was SniperNamedG.
    There was a Pirate Legend before SniperNamedG, however it was not recognized by the community because of the lack of proof. Bediko23 as the name of the Legend was had a unrecorded proof in the form of a screenshot. Which led many to belive it was photoshopped.
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