Ships are the key focus and main transport method for players in Sea of Thieves. There are currently only three types of ship within the game, these being the Sloop (max 2-person), Brigantine (max 3-person), and the Galleon (max 4- person).

A cursed variation,Skeleton Ships, will rise occasionally to test the waters around pirate crews. There are skeleton versions of the Galleon and Sloop, and their crews can be either aggressive or passive. Additionally, players may see a galleon shaped cloud in the sky. This indicates the presence of a fleet battle, in which players face off against 3 waves of skeleton ships. Completing this battle will drop a substantial amount of loot.

Types of Ships




Ships can be customized by purchasing options with in-game currency. Features that can be customized include the following:

Additional customization options were introduced in the Shrouded Spoils update on November 28, 2018. This included new cannon, capstan, and helm choices.


  • Rare released the Brigantine in Summer 2018, as part of the Cursed Sails update. This ship is ideal for groups of 2-3 players.
  • In early promotional artwork, the Brigantine was shown to have it's Crow's Nest on the front mast, however this version of the ship never appeared in game.

Ship Anatomy

Ship plans.jpg
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