Shipwrecks are a type of Location in Sea of Thieves.


The remains of the ships of old, they can be easily identified on the Three Seas by the large group of Seagulls that circle the water above. Currently, every Shipwreck takes the form of a Galleon.

A Shipwreck typically either has a part of itself on the surface of the water, or can be completely submerged, only identifiable by the aforementioned Seagulls.


Pirates may explore a Shipwreck to find specifically named Shipwrecked Treasure as well as extra resources floating in the wreckage or in the great number of barrels scattered on each deck.

Possible Treasure includes the previous Shipwrecked Chests, Bounty Skulls of any rarity, and Merchant Crates.

The most common places to find Treasure on a Shipwreck includes the captain's quarters on the stern end of the main deck, behind the staircase on the mid-deck, and in the brig at the stern end of the lower deck.

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