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Shrouded Spoils is an update for Sea of Thieves that released on November 28, 2018. Unlike previous updates which brought mysterious puzzles and new lands to discover, this update includes new features and improvements to existing ones.


  • Expanded ship customization for items including the wheel, capstan, and the cannon.
  • Introduction of fog. This new feature allows fog to roll in at any given time, obstructing the player's vision. This will make the Crow's Nest a more vital part of the ship as players looking out from the crow's nest will have more visibility than those on deck when the fog occurs.
  • Commendations for Pirate Legends. These can only be earned by players who have reach the Pirate Legend status.
  • The addition of the 'Mega Keg' - a gunpowder barrel with three times the explosive powder and radius. Fun for blowing up galleons and large masses of skeletons. Players may want to be wary storing these on their ships, even in the crow's nest.
  • Skeleton ships will have additional 'glint' allowing them to be seen easier. Free-roaming Skeleton ships, including a new Sloop will be added to the game. They can be either passive or aggressive. Watch for the ship-shaped clouds and head towards them to find the skeletons.
  • The Kraken has been reworked and given a new ability: The Kraken Slap. This will allow it to be more efficient at dealing damage to ships. The Kraken will spawn more often but will drop loot for pirates who defeat it.
  • New models and loot for the Megalodon.
  • Skeleton forts have been expanded from three to nine islands.
  • Mermaid statues have returned! Gems can be looted from the statues when they are destroyed, and turned into any company for reputation and gold.
  • Merchant Alliance adds a new "crate of ancient bone and dust" for pirates to deliver.

More to come!



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