The Sloop is a sailable ship in Sea of Thieves. It is a single mast vessel with a maximum crew capacity of two. Sloops are highly maneuverable but only carry two cannons on board. They trade power and durability for maneuverability and simplicity. Due to their smaller size, Sloops are easier to repair than the larger Galleons.  

They are capable of being sailed solo but operate best with two players and are easier option for starting pirates. A notable feature about the Sloop is it's operating efficiency compared to the Galleon, as raising and turning the sails, along with raising the anchor, takes much less time than on the Galleon.


  • One crew member should be operating the helm while the other manages the sail and cannons. Working together can allow them to outmaneuver and outrun pursuing Galleons.
  • Operating the vessel is easier than the larger Galleon due to the low maintenance nature of the Sloop.
  • It is ill-advised for an inexperienced Sloop crew to go up against an enemy Galleon as the enemies firepower and the likely larger-crew would spell disaster. However, once you have gotten into the swing of things, Sloops are capable of taking on a lone Galleon with their speed and nimbleness.
  • The Sloop doesn’t take that long to put up the anchor and to turn so you can use the power of anchor turns to win a fight.
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