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Snakes are hostile Creatures found throughout the Sea of Thieves environment.

These pesky little reptiles can be found on various islands across the Three Seas. Similar to the other creatures found wandering the islands, there are four types of snakes, all that sell to merchants for various prices depending on said type.

Unlike other passive creatures, snakes are hostile and will rear up and hiss when a player gets near and spit venom at the player if they get too close, slowly draining health and impair their vision with dark purple colored hues until the venom wears off after a short time.

Snakes are a common request by the Merchant Alliance after the player passes level 20, and can be quite a tedious task to accomplish. Capturing a snake demands a lot more attention as snakes must be pacified (or "charmed") by playing music before being placed in the cage.

Solo players may have a hard time doing this task as they must constantly set the cage down to play music and calm the snake back down, but players with a crew can have one carry the snake while another constantly plays music nearby.

It is strongly advised to keep snakes away from other creatures that have been captured, as the snake can kill them if nearby and agitated. It should also be noted that snakes can be used as traps, placing them near loot on the ship to help fight against hostile pirates looking to "inherit" some loot.


  • Red Striped Snake: 100+ Gold
  • Blue Dappled Snake: 300+ Gold
  • Black Scaled Snake: 500 - 900 Gold
  • Golden Snake:1000+ Gold



  • When selling Snakes while not on a Merchant voyage, they will sell for a significantly smaller amount of gold than when on a voyage requesting that animal.
  • Snakes will attack Pigs and Chickens when they get near them, likely killing them. So, be careful where you place these animals on your ship.