Treasure in Sea of Thieves is obtained through quest progression, by searching Shipwrecks around the map, and can also appear randomly on larger islands.

There are different types of Treasure in Sea of Thieves, each with their own Gold values.


  • You can only carry one chest at a time, and you cannot swim fast or sprint.
  • Treasures are dug up via the Shovel.
  • It is advised that players be ready to fight when digging up treasure chests, as there's always a good chance that skeletons will spawn around the chest.
  • When a member in your party finds a chest, you and others in the party will be notified.
  • All treasure can only be turned in to a Gold Hoarders representative for Gold, except the chest of legends that must be handed to the mysterious stranger in the tavern.
  • Different chests return different amounts of Gold depending on the type and whether or not it's voyage-related.
  • All Treasure items float in water, with the exception of Shipwrecked Chests.
  • Hide treasure chests from foes by putting them in nooks and crannies of your ship. Turning off lanterns can help!

Types of Treasure

Regular Chests

Shipwrecked Chests

Cursed Chests

Stronghold Treasure

Legendary Chests



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