Villainous Bounty Skulls are one of the 5 variants of skulls in Sea of Thieves. Villainous Bounty skulls are the second most valuable skull in the game, between Hateful and Stronghold Bounty Skulls.


The Villainous Bounty skulls are obtained through defeating Skeleton Captains on bounty voyages, shipwrecks, Fortress vaults, or lying on the shore of any island

This item is sold to the Order of Souls vendor at any outpost

How to Identify

The Villainous Bounty Skull can be easily identified by its shiny gold coloration as well as the bright green glow coming from the runes drawn upon it as well as from within its cranium. The top of the skull is shattered into four pieces, which float above the hole on top. A bright green light shines from within, and can easily be seen from a distance, especially if placed on the deck of a ship- wary players should take care to store this skull below deck to avoid the hungry gaze of other players.

Other Types

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